Brian Ljungqvist

Flight Instructor

Brian has always had a strong appetite for life. At a young age he was exposed to music and aviation. By 17, he was already a licensed pilot and in several music groups performing all over NYC and the east coast. He then moved on to study at Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univeristy in Daytona Beach where he recieved a bachelors in Aeronautical Science and Finance. Through college, he worked as a skydive cinematographer. Brianís music career also took a jump in his college days. He had several opportunities to play with national headlining acts as a contract guitarist and began to produce. After college Brian went on to flight instructing at Dowling College and flying corporate charters, catering to wealthy leisure travellers, celebrities and politicians. The airlines called next and he was off to Boston flying for Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines, operating commercial aircraft in some of the norths most hazardous weather. Brians latest endevour has landed him (no pun intended) as the director of operations for a seaplane company, SeaMax America. A Jet ski like flying boat. He now lives in brooklyn and continues to work as a producer and musician.

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