Katherine Harte-DeCoux


Katherine Harte-DeCoux is an Actor / Director / Stage Combatant / Playwright originally from Michigan, and studied Shakespeare, stage combat, and Medieval / Renaissance history while abroad in London and Scotland. After ten years of working in New York and the Tri-State area, Directing / Production / Performance credits include the Bushwick Shakespeare Repertory, the New York Renaissance Faire, The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, a national tour with Milestone Productions and Events, the Looking Glass Theatre and The Hudson Shakespeare Company in New Jersey.

Founder / Artistic Director of Mortal Folly Theatre and creator of the Merely Players performance salon, Kate believes that all artists who tell stories must embrace the process of creating that story - the work - as whole-heartedly as the performance, and dedication and passion for the material is essential. Mortal Folly Theatre is committed to creating educational experiences for both actors and audience, where Classical texts are accessible, provocative, and personal. In addition to mainstage productions and monologue/scene showcases, Mortal Folly has recently expanded into programming for high-school students, private monologue coaching, and producing new Classically-themed works by emerging playwrights.

Other interests include Social Anthropology, fine wines, beers, and whiskeys, Baseball, and occasionally coming to blows with people who insist that Kit Marlowe and Francis Bacon did any of the heavy lifting in the canon.

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