I graduated from highschool in bismarck ND, I joined the army when I was 17. left for basic training when all my friends went to university. I got deployed twice and eventually graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. in biology, was accepted into medical school. I found yoga while exploring martial arts and began to get more and more interested in yoga in particular. I began teaching at my university, came to NYC to visit a friend and got offered a job teaching at a yoga studio in soho. I requested and received a year of deferment to start medical school in lieu of teaching yoga. This didn't really work out, I began teaching yoga to some of the "organizers" of Occupy Wall Street. Our intent was to humanize wall street and I thought teaching yoga was a great way to make my print. As the police response to the protesters became ever more oppressive I thought of my military service and was appalled at what I was seeing. I decided to stay and continue to help out as much as possible. I basically got pulled in by gravity.

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