Sailey Williams


Sailey Williams has always been interested in fashion and entertainment. He began his career in entertainment as a stage performer at a very young age, performing in venues such as Carnegie and Avery Fisher Hall. This success continued as he went on to perform in several plays and stage productions in the NYC tri-state area. Never one to settle for less than the best, Sailey began designing costumes for productions he was involved in, earning him awards for costume design and television spots featuring his work. Sailey later shifted his focus to mainstream fashion with the debut of his collection, Salacious by Sailey Williams at New York Fashion Week Fall 2009.

Sailey's interest in photography began primarily in order to capture models in his garments. Once he stepped behind the camera, he knew that fashion photography was what he wanted to do. Sailey has developed a keen eye for conceptual detail and a shooting style uniquely his own. A strong influence in Sailey’s photography has been graphic design. His education in graphic design & advertisement design has given him an understanding of composition, color, structure, and communicating ideas visually through photography and other creative mediums.

Throughout his life, Sailey Williams has a true sense of social responsibility and is always intent on giving back to his community. In addition to his service to homeless charities throughout the last ten years, Sailey has raised money for the Salvation Army, the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, and the Tsunami Relief Fund. Sailey's philanthropic efforts have earned him a Triple C Award for Character Courage and Commitment from the Attorney General, as well as the Martin Luther King Award for Humanitarianism and Brotherhood.

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