ToniAnn Salvato


ToniAnn Salvato is a life-long Brooklynite and artist who ultimately choose sugar and cake as her medium of choice. Highly personalized and detail oriented cake decoration is her creative outlet.

She comes from a long line of home grown artists - a family of seamstresses, woodworkers, potters, photographers, musicians and storytellers. She has always viewed the world through a different lens.

After receiving her degree in Fine Arts, ToniAnn decided to combine her intense love of creating art with her innate love for food. With hard work and determination, she graduated from The French Culinary Institute of New York. This began her career in the Pastry Arts five years ago and she has not turned back.

A product of her creative environment, her cake designs are known to be filled with whimsy and fun.

As chef, owner and operator of Brooklyn Treat Shoppe, dessert delivery and specialty cake company, ToniAnn uses the power of food to create flavor combinations that bring you back to the best moments of your childhood, a comfortable place or a special holiday.

Brooklyn Treat Shoppe is personalized level of customer service make each customer feel at home. ToniAnn is creatively bringing you olde fashioned flavor one cake at a time.

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